Who we are

 KFOWS ApS is a dynamic Danish consulting firm that has been successfully operating since 2016. With a proven track record of over 10 completed offshore wind farms and extensive involvement in numerous conceptual wind farm projects, we specialize in a wide range of offshore wind technical services. Our expertise lies in integrated offshore wind turbine foundation structure design,  monopile primary and secondary steel design, marine meteorological conditions, as well as load analyses, offshore construction, cable assessment and installation. Additionally, we excel in loads analysis and design certification. As a trusted partner, we are committed to delivering high-quality solutions and contributing to the success of every wind farm project we undertake.

Company Culture

We are a recognized engineering and consultant team, known for our international presence, inclusive culture, and diverse expertise. Over the years, we have consistently delivered innovative and efficient solutions to our esteemed clients in the European and Asian offshore wind markets. Our extensive knowledge spans various areas, including monopile optimization, jacket tubular joint fatigue, suction bucket construction, and the implementation of cage with BL& Platform, multi-piles cap foundations and cable damage assessment. Through our strategic collaborations, we have fostered strong relationships with Asian offshore wind farm EPC contractors and wind energy infrastructure suppliers, streamlining communication channels and simplifying processes for seamless project execution. Our commitment to excellence and effective interface management enables us to exceed client expectations while driving the growth and success of the offshore wind industry.

Company Development

2016   (Company Registered)
           First Conceptual Design of Monopile Foundation

          First Offshore wind turbine Platform design  

           First Monopile Structure Detail design


            First Larger Monopile Structure design for Deep water wind farm 

            First Jacket Structure Design for Substation

           ICCP system support structure design

           Technical Support Monopile Construction and WTG installation

           O&M Technical Support of damaged cable and CPS